The Amazing History of the Toothbrush

Human beings have been cleaning their teeth for thousands of years. Before dentistry even existed, people understood the virtues of keeping teeth clean and bright. The following contains a brief timeline of the journey of the toothbrush throughout history: 3500-3000 BC: Babylonians and Egyptians use the frayed ends of twigs to clean their teeth. Twigs such as these are found... read more »

How to Effectively Clean Your Tongue

Your teeth and gums are not the only things in your mouth that will benefit from regular cleaning and attention in your daily oral hygiene routine. The tongue itself, with all of its rough surfaces can also harbor bacteria. This can lead to halitosis, also known as bad breath. Many people with dentures like to include tongue cleaning in their... read more »

4 Ways to Protect Your Holiday Smile

Do you wish there was a way to prevent tooth decay and other dental issues during the holidays? If so, we are thrilled to grant your wish! There are quite a few things you can do to protect your smile this holiday season, and the first one is attending your six month checkups for your cleaning and exam. The additional... read more »