Toothbrush Trivia: Who Knew?

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How often do you think about your toothbrush? Does it just stand on your bathroom counter, blending into everything else to the point that it becomes nearly invisible until it is useful once more? Well, today we’d like to provide you with some fun facts that you probably never knew before about this dental hygiene tool.

-A toothbrushes lifespan can stretch as long as three or four months, at which point it might not be able to clean your teeth as well and may need to be replaced.
-You don’t have to floss or brush in any specific order if you’re doing it.
-The toothbrush, in some form, may have existed for 5,000 years. In the ancient days, some civilizations would use a “chew stick,” which was a stick with one end that was frayed, to clean their teeth.
-The first toothbrush made for mass-production was made in prison. In 1770, William Addis was arrested for inciting a riot and he saw his fellow prisoners trying to clean their mouths with cloths that were covered with soot or salt. He kept an animal bone from dinner, received some bristles from a guard and bored tiny holes into the bone. Addis then inserted the bristles and sealed them with glue to make his prototype toothbrush. When he was released, he made a few changes to it, and started his own company.

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