A Dental Contouring Treatment Might Help Prevent Further Dental Attrition

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As you age the structure of your jaw and periodontal tissues can gradually start to change. This is even more likely to occur if you lost one or more teeth and chose not to have them restored in a reasonable amount of time.

As time goes on the change in oral structure can also start to affect the alignment of your teeth. When this happens it could cause one or two teeth to rub together at an unhealthy angle. If it’s not addressed in some way this condition of dental attrition could lead to increased tooth sensitivity, a severe dental fracture, or the development of a large area of tooth decay.

If Dr. Nadia Hamouda notices a problem like this starting to develop during your routine dental checkup, she might recommend a dental contouring treatment.

In this instance, the dental contouring can be a sound preventative measure, where Dr. Hamouda makes minute edits to the biting surface of one or two teeth. This will lessen the physical relationship between the teeth without altering your overall oral function. If she feels it’s warranted, Dr. Hamouda might also refer you for orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth.

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