What is cosmetic contouring and reshaping?

Cosmetic contouring and reshaping is a relatively simple cosmetic dental procedure that can be used to correct a number of tooth flaws for a more inviting smile. During the cosmetic contouring treatment, our gentle dentist carefully removes a small amount of the tooth enamel to enhance the appearance of your teeth. The tooth enamel, which is the hard, protective outer layer of the tooth, has no feeling, so you can rest assured that your treatment will be comfortable and painless without the need for shots or anesthesia. By making small adjustments to the enamel of your teeth, we can greatly improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Do I need cosmetic contouring and reshaping?

Dr. Nadia Hamouda may recommend cosmetic contouring and reshaping for simple cases that require small adjustments. We can use cosmetic contouring in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to correct teeth that are chipped, cracked, or slightly overlapping. Cosmetic contouring can also be used to smooth out dimples or ridges on the surface of the teeth or to even out irregularly shaped teeth or teeth that look too long. We sometimes recommend cosmetic contouring in conjunction with bonding to further enhance your smile. For more information on cosmetic contouring and reshaping, and to schedule your cosmetic consultation, please contact us today at White Pearl Dentistry.