What is Snap-On Smile®?

Snap-On Smile is a custom-made oral appliance that fits over your existing teeth to give your smile a complete transformation in a snap! Snap-On Smile is a full, removable arch made of very strong yet thin resin. By simply sliding your Snap-On Smile over your teeth, you can achieve a smile that is beautifully flawless. Snap-On Smile is removable, comfortable, and durable; you can even eat and drink while wearing your Snap-On Smile. Snap-On Smile in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a great choice for easily and painlessly achieving the attractive smile of your dreams. Dr. Nadia Hamouda, our talented dentist, will work with you to design a Snap-On Smile that meets all of your desires.

Is Snap-On Smile right for me?

If you are interested in a complete smile makeover, but you are reluctant to commit to other cosmetic dental treatments that are more invasive or costly, Snap-On Smile is a great solution. Snap-On Smile is a simple, affordable option for correcting smile imperfections such as:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • One or more missing teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Stained, discolored, or darkened teeth
  • Damaged or decayed teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded or crooked teeth

Even patients who are not candidates for dental bridges or implants can benefit from Snap-On Smile. We invite you to contact us today at White Pearl Dentistry to start on the road to a more beautiful smile with Snap-On Smile!