What is a filling?

A dental filling is a commonly used dental restoration. Fillings can be used to restore the natural structure and appearance of your tooth after it has been damaged by decay or injury. At White Pearl Dentistry, we offer composite fillings, which are also called tooth-colored or white fillings. Composite fillings blend in with the natural color of your tooth for an aesthetic restoration that is hardly noticeable.

Do I need a filling?

If a tooth is damaged by minor to moderate tooth decay or other damage, such as fracturing, our knowledgeable dentist may recommend a composite dental filling in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After removing the decay from the tooth, we fill the remaining tooth structure with composite resin. Dr. Nadia Hamouda skillfully shapes the resin to fit the tooth, and then hardens the filling with a special light.

What are the benefits of composite fillings?

Composite fillings have several advantages over silver (amalgam) fillings. A composite dental filling requires less tooth removal than an amalgam filling, leaving more of the natural tooth structure intact. Composite fillings are also more aesthetic and natural looking, and they can protect your teeth from cracking. In addition, composite resin can be used in a procedure called bonding, which we may recommend to repair chipped or cracked teeth.

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