COVID-19 Questionnaire
We have been vaccinated, and are back in the office seeing patients! We have made some changes for the safety of our patients, staff, families and community. We are really excited to be back and hope that you are comfortable scheduling your appointments with these implementations. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the steps we are taking to keep you safe in our practice

Prior to opening, we had the entire office treated with a solution that attracts and pierces the coronavirus cell wall to help reduce potential spread. Since then, we have also cleared out the waiting room to eliminate any unnecessary surfaces and make for a more sanitary environment.

We have added a face shield to the patient chair, along with an extra oral suction. We are asking patients to arrive with their masks on and remove them when they are in the chair.

We have added high-efficiency air purification systems to our front desk area, all the treatment rooms and throughout the office. Each of these will clean the air 6 times per hour and are rated for a much larger space.

We have also acquired an eco-friendly cold fogger for additional disinfection. This breaks down the virus on all surfaces treated, including ourselves.