A Dental Implant Can Restore the Natural Biting Strength of a Tooth Missing from Your Smile

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Losing one of your front teeth to tooth decay, damage or extraction can impact you in several ways. Beyond the adverse alteration in your appearance, it can also have ramifications to your oral function. While a basic dental bridge restoration will restore the tooth’s presence, most people find that it doesn’t have the same feel when biting hard foods.

One of the best ways to restore the appearance and function of a missing front tooth is to have a dental implant restoration performed at White Pearl Dentistry.

The firsts step in the process involves examining the jaw structure in the area. It’s important to assess if you have the sufficient jaw structure to anchor an implant. Otherwise a bone graft or other measure may be needed to make sure the implant abutment will have sufficient surrounding structure.

During the implant appointment, Dr. Nadia Hamouda will make a careful incision in your gums. A narrow channel will then be made in your jawbone. A titanium implant will be screwed into the channel in the bone and your gums will be sutured closed.

Titanium is known for being biologically compatible. The abutment will eventually fuse with the surrounding bone tissues in a process known as osseointegration. This gives the final restored tooth the same biting strength and feel of the original natural tooth.

Once total fusion with the surrounding bone tissues has been attained, we can start the process of fitting it for a dental crown. This will fully restore the missing tooth’s presence and function in your mouth.

If you have lost a tooth in your smile and you’re interested in a dental implant restoration in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you should call 734-222-0055 to schedule an appointment at White Pearl Dentistry.