Care for Your Teeth, Even Your Artificial Ones

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Care for your teeth, even your artificial ones. If you have a set of dentures, they can wear down over time from improper storage or use. Just because they are artificial does not exclude them from needing care and attention to ensure they continue to do the jobs they are tasked with. They are not made of indestructible materials, so it’s important to always be safe when handling them. Dropping dentures or misusing them in any way can damage them.

If you already have a set of dentures, it is imperative to give them the same care and attention as you would your normal teeth. Although the habits may change, your dentures can fail if you do not take care of them. Here are a few tips from our dentist at White Pearl Dentistry, for caring for your dentures:

– Clean your dentures daily, but avoid using toothpaste, as it is too abrasive and can damage them. Always use dentist-approved denture cleaner or mild hand soaps.
– Dentures can crack and break if they dry out, so always soak them in a dentist-approved cleaning solution when not in use. Plain water can also be used as a substitute.
– Keep your mouth clean at all times, even when not wearing your dentures. Do not insert dirty dentures back into your mouth, and be sure to wash away any chemicals from your dentures if they were soaked in cleaning solution.

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