Have You Had Your Oral Cancer Screening Yet?

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One of the most serious oral health ailments you can have is oral cancer. Although there are many habits and causes that can increase your risk for oral cancer, it can strike at any age at any time. In America alone, over 40,00 people are diagnosed with the disease every year. As with many cancers, survival may depend on finding the disease early.

Drastic weight loss that cannot be easily explained is normally a telltale sign that something is amiss with your health. With oral cancer, weight loss can be combined with a variety of other signs and symptoms. Most symptoms appear in the mouth or the surrounding areas. If you notice any spotted patches or irregularities in your inner mouth, cancer may be the cause.

Other signs include sporadic and intermittent loss of feeling or numbness in various areas in and around your face, neck, and head. This may also be accompanied by ear pain or general soreness in your face and throat. A persistent sore throat, difficulty eating or speaking, or a feeling of something stuck in your throat constantly can also occur.

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