How to Install a Porcelain Crown

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An unappealing tooth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious in many social settings. This is especially true if you work in sales, business or face-to-face customer service. To cosmetically restore a tooth like this, your dentist, Dr. Nadia Hamouda, will often recommend installing a porcelain dental crown.

Dr. Nadia Hamouda will first want to examine the tooth to assess its overall health. This often involves taking a few X-rays to make sure the interior structures of the tooth are strong and healthy. Then, she will remove all of the tooth enamel, leaving behind an abutment that is made of the dentin, pulp, and root of the tooth. This will later anchor your new crown into place.

Dr. Nadia Hamouda will then cast a detailed impression of the abutment and all other pertinent teeth in the area. This impression will be sent to the dental lab where the porcelain crown will be custom made to match the smile.

Once the dental lab technician has completed the crown, Dr. Nadia Hamouda will call you into White Pearl Dentistry for a brief follow-up appointment. During this visit, the temporary crown will be removed and your new crown will be cemented into place.

If you have one or more unappealing teeth in your smile, you should call Dr. Nadia Hamouda at 734-222-0055 to explore your cosmetic restoration options in Ann Arbor, Michigan.