A Loose Bridge Demands Timely Treatment

Your dentist, Dr. Nadia Hamouda, used a very powerful dental grade cement to secure your bridge in place when it was initially installed. However, it is possible for a blow to the face or chronic gum disease to weaken this cement. If your bridge feels loose for any reason, you need to contact our office to seek timely treatment. In... read more »

A Tooth Lost to Extreme Decay Can Effectively Be Restored by Installing a Bridge

Without timely treatment a cavity that forms on one of your teeth can quickly spread to become a very serious problem.  If the decay severely compromises your tooth, our White Pearl Dentistry dentist might recommend the tooth be extracted in preparation for restoring it with a bridge. This will effectively restore the full function and appearance of the decayed tooth.... read more »

Knocked Out Teeth Can Be Restored with a Bridge

It’s not unheard-of for a hard fall or a blow to the face to knock out one of your teeth. Sometimes if the tooth is knocked out cleanly, Dr. Nadia Hamouda can implant it back into the socket. Unfortunately, most of the time fragments of the tooth remain in the gums and have to be extracted, thus resulting in the... read more »

What Happens if I’m Missing Teeth?

What would you do if you lost a tooth? Does the answer to that question depend on where the tooth was? Usually, if one of someone’s front teeth is knocked out, an appointment is set as quickly as possible. But, if the missing teeth are towards the back of a mouth, and don’t have a significant impact on the aesthetics... read more »