The Dental Implant Process

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If you are missing any number of permanent teeth, Dr. Nadia Hamouda may elect to recommend dental implants as a possible way to restore your smile. Dental implants are a tooth restoration that takes the place of both the tooth and its root. It replaces the tooth root with a titanium post, which forms the foundation for the replacement. There are generally 3 parts to getting a dental implant:

Implant Post Placement

Our dentist will first surgically place the implant post into the socket of the missing tooth. During the healing process, we recommend that you eat soft, cold foods and warm soup.


During osseointegration, the jawbone will heal around the implant post and fuse with it. This provides a solid foundation. Osseointegration takes time. Often, patients need to wait until the implant is completely fused with the bone, which takes several months, before having the replacement tooth or teeth attached. Other patients can have the implant post and replacement teeth placed in a single visit.

Restoration Placement

The last phase is the placement of replacement teeth. Depending on your needs, a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture will be constructed to attach to your implant. Your restoration will match the shade of your natural teeth. Making your dental restoration will take time, so we may provide a temporary restoration. When your dental crown, dental bridge, or denture is ready, our dentist will attach it to the dental implant or implants.

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