The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

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During your routinely scheduled cleanings, your White Pearl Dentistry dentist can easily perform an oral cancer screening. For some dentists, this is part of a routine cleaning, but if you’re not sure if your dentist screens for cancer, be sure to ask them the next time you visit.

The reason you should ask is that oral cancer is a serious problem that can have long-lasting impacts if not caught early. Since your dentist is the medical professional focusing on your mouth, it makes sense that they’ll see your oral cancer before you even notice it.

84% of oral cancer cases can be detected early by your dentist, which means you have a much better chance of beating the cancer.

However, it’s also worth your time to know some of the common oral cancer symptoms so that if you spot any of them, you can schedule a visit with Dr. Nadia Hamouda immediately to diagnose what’s wrong.


The most common symptoms of oral cancer are:
• Red and white patches in your mouth
• Spots or sores that bleed continuously and never heal
• Lumps or hard spots in your mouth
• Numbness or pain when biting

If you experience any of these symptoms, you need to call us at 734-222-0055 immediately to get in and see Dr. Nadia Hamouda so she can determine if your symptoms are related to oral cancer or not.

If you have any questions about oral cancer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.