Toothpaste: The Ingredients that Will Clean Your Smile

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or confused when you think about the ingredients in your toothpaste? If so, our White Pearl Dentistry dental team is here to help you. By better understanding the role of each ingredient, you’ll be able to trust the product much more. So, we would like to tell you all about the top four common ingredients in toothpaste in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Those ingredients are:

Fluoride: Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps your teeth in a myriad of ways. In fact, it can strengthen and nourish your tooth enamel, making it strong enough to fight the effects of sugar and acid. This helps you prevent tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

Glycerol: Glycerol keeps toothpaste from drying out and it helps the paste flow smoothly from the tube. This can also be known as glycerin or glycerine. When it’s not used in toothpaste, it can be used in foods like yogurt, pre-cooked rice, and peanut butter.

Sorbitol: Sorbitol has two important roles: to hold the toothpaste together and give the paste a sweet taste. Even though this ingredient acts as a sweetener, it doesn’t promote cavities.

Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate is an ingredient known as an abrasive. It helps remove plaque, debris, and stains from the surfaces of your teeth. After doing so, it gives your teeth the clean, smooth feeling that you enjoy and it also increases your chances of having a whiter and brighter smile.

For more information about toothpaste and the ingredients you might find inside, please call our office today at 734-222-0055 and talk to Dr. Nadia Hamouda or a member of our dental team. We will be happy to tell you all we know about the ingredients that make up the products that clean your smile!