What to Do With Your Toothache

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Nobody likes a toothache. They are painful, affect your eating habits, and always seem to come at the worst time. Even so, many people put off treatment as a further inconvenience in their busy lives. But toothaches are serious concerns. We want to explain what causes them, and what should be done if you find you have one.

Toothaches are also referred to as abscesses. An abscess is an infection brought on by tooth decay or damage, as well as periodontal disease. Your tooth has a soft inner layer containing blood vessels, nerves, and other tissue, referred to as the pulp. When bacteria enter the pulp, they can eventually kill it. They also form pus that builds up in the root of the tooth, forming the abscess. This infection can spread throughout the tooth and jaw bone, and the tooth may eventually be lost.

This all sounds very unpleasant, because it is. But many people think the treatment is even more unpleasant, so they put it off. However, treatments are actually varied, and most cause minimal discomfort. Sometimes, antibiotics or draining may be sufficient. Other times, root canal treatment is necessary, but at White Pearl Dentistry this does not mean the excruciating ordeal you may have heard about. Advances in techniques and anesthesia mean your treatment is quicker and easier than ever.

Don’t let fear of treatment let you put off relief. The longer you wait, the worse it will be. Your toothache won’t take care of itself. Please call our office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at 734-222-0055 to talk about treatment options today.